Ateliers à Rouen (76) et Plouezec (22)

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Welcome to Alain Bouju - Rouen

It is evident, upon viewing his artwork, that Alain Bouju has a profound love for the sea.
Born in Rouen and having spent its childhood in Normandy where he discovered fishing with his father and his grandfather, he practiced later, swimming and diving.

In his postimpressionist artwork, he has a particular attraction for the maritime subjects, the beaches, the boats, the harbours and all the atmosphere of the sailors.
He likes to say that his paintings are always in movement, the sky and the sea are always different.
He likes to paint his home town : Rouen and its harbour, but also Paris, the landscapes of the edges of the Seine and the Normandy countryside.

Fallen in love for the North of Brittany, in particular, region of Brehat and Paimpol, he can express all his sensibility by painting the landscapes of this region.

Alain Bouju likes to quote Baudelaire when describing his own work : " Free Man, always you will cherish the sea, the sea is your reflection, you contemplate your soul in the infinite progress of the blade.

In 1988, he enters the school of Beaux-Arts of Rouen and begins officially his painter's career.

In 1998 he receives knight's title of the Academy of Arts of Greci-Marino in Italy.

He just receives in 2001, the Silver medal of the "Mérite et Dévouement français pour les Arts".

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France: Paris, Honfleur, Nancy, Cannes, Biarritz, Munster

Japan: Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Kobe ("Citoyen d'honneur" of the city of Kobe)

USA: NewYork, Boston, San Diego, New Orleans

Ateliers à Rouen (76) et Plouezec (22)

Contact : / Tél : 06 81 29 96 78

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